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Mark Wilkins

Front-End Web Developer

Hey there! I'm Mark, a Front-End Developer living in Toronto.

I work to create accessible, fluid, and beautiful websites and web applications. After getting a glimpse of programming with Javascript in a previous career, I was immediately smitten. Since then, writing code has become not only my favorite pastime, but also my career, and I couldn't be happier.

Javascript might be my favorite thing in the world, and when I’m not building awesome websites with it there is a good chance you will find me using it to program tiny robots to take over the world over at When I’m not at my computer, I’m almost certainly out hiking with my dog, or volunteering at the local shelter.

If you would like to work together, drop me a line at

I hope to hear from you!

Skills: React.js, HTML5, Javascript (+ES6), JQuery, CSS3, APIs, Responsive Development, Web Accessibility

Tools: Git & GitHub, Gulp, Sass, Sublime Text 3,, Firebase, Command Line, Node.js & NPM


My favorite pieces Game

Utilizing the JavaScript library, I have created a fully functional "SHMUP" style game, that increases with difficulty over time. Try to last as long as you can!

API Project

Using Javascript, Jquery, Charts.js, HTML, and Sass I have built an application that will acquire statistical information about a user's demographic based on user inputs.

PSD Conversion

Using HTML, CSS, Sass, and Javascript, I have perfectly converted this PSD to a single page responsive website.

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